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RPM Brasil is launching its 16th UNDERGROUND ELECTRIC POWER NETWORKS/2020 event, to be held August 24 and 25, 2020, at the Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo, SP, Brazil. The event will have a Forum on August 24 and 25 and the Panel on Insulated Cables on August 25, as well an Expo for visitation by those registered and other guests. The theme will be "Intelligent Technologies enabling implementaion of new underground power networks" Last edition saw the presence of 580 participants, 38 brazilian speakers, 2 international speakers, 21 sponsoring companies and 12 supporting entities.

Public Target

The public participating at UNDERGROUND ELECTRIC POWER NETWORKS/2020 encompasses professionals from the segments shown below, especially engineers, architects, public administrators, active professionals in planning, urbanism, projects, service providing, professors and suppliers of products and technologies for electric energy, among others, and those active in underground grid infrastructure:

- Distribution Companies Electricity
- Companies Electric Power Transmission
- Telecommunications Companies
- Cable Companies and Similar
- Sanitation Companies
- Oil and Gas Companies
- Builders
- Regulatory Agencies
- Public Administration
- Insurers
- Business Service Delivery
- Suppliers Products and Technologies
- Teaching Institutions
- Foundations of Development and Research
- Consultancies

Exhibiters´ Profile

Exhibiting the UNDERGROUND ELECTRIC POWER NETWORKS/2020 include leaders of the country and overseas companies, the solutions for underground electricity networks segment, highlighting:

- Products Manufacturers
- Service Providers
- Builders
- Financial Institutions
- Electric Power Companies
- Business Informatics
- Foundations of Development and Research


RPM Brasil has been an entrepreneur, promoter and organizer of events in the urban infrastructure, energy and technology industries for 30 years. It has held more than 70 large events with congresses and expositions, as well as seminars, courses and other activities related to the sectors mentioned. The most recent events organized in the urban infrastructure and energy sector that stand out are:

- SMART GRID - Smart Grid Latin American Forum, with participants from Brazil, Latin America, United States and Europe.

- CIERTEC - International Seminar on Electric Energy Distribution Network Automation and Control Centers, with a technological exposition and participants from Latin America.

- CENOCON - Forum on Control and Operation Centers of Electric Power Utilities, with a technological exposition and participants from Brazil.

- CETECMAN - Technical Congress on Maintenance in Electric Power Companies, with a technological exposition and participants from Brazil.

- TIC - ELECTRIC ENERGY/2007 - National Meeting of Information Technology and Communication Management for Electric Energy Companies, with representatives from the country?s electric energy concessionaires.

- ILUMEXPO - Exposition and Conference on Public Illumination Management, with representatives from city halls and electric energy concessionaires across the country.

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